5 thoughts on “In Defiance of Balrogs

  1. Very nice. And nice title. Is there a story that goes with this? What did the Barlogs do to be defied?

  2. Oh, Balrogs pretty much just create a nuisance to anyone commuting through the Moria region.

    Sort of the same nuisance felt by a mailman in a new neighborhood who, while trying to deliver the mail on foot, has discovered that home owners all along the route keep pitbulls the size of grizzly bears for pets, pitbulls that have been spanked into a state of surlyness, starved until ravenous, and then allowed to roam the streets without a leash.

    I was just going to use this wizard as part of some signage at work indicating that people should not leave the chemical stockroom without scanning out their inventory first. But management unfortunately rejected him for the task (though apparently the knight is good to go). It seems that while the wizard may be strong enough to stave off balrogs, he’s just not forbidding enough to get the attention of folks transacting chemicals. C’est la vie.

  3. Oh no! Pete you’ve gotta resubmit him to management. What if he had a toxic waste or dangerous chemical symbol on his robes? Would that be sufficient warning?

  4. It’s no so much a matter of trying to prevent dangerous chemicals being on the loose. It’s more, “Stop taking our chemicals and throwing off the inventory counts. This stuff costs money and having the quantities listed incorrectly gets us in trouble with the auditors bintch!”

    I think the guy who commissioned the sign was looking for something more like “scary monsters” than vague homages to forbidding magicians of popular fantasy. Sometimes I’m not sure what they want. Usually they just let me stick up whatever as long as I can pull it off before I get caught.

  5. So you have to deter people from taking the chemicals? I see. Well – I have a suggestion for you. What about a nice picture of the following.

    Underneath the picture you could have an inscription, “This happened to the last guy who threw off the inventory count”.

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