Ryan Adams – Cardinal Radio

It is undeniable that Ryan Adams has talent, but he has always annoyingly been an artist with a tendency to squander it in all the wrong places. If I had 1% of Adams’s talent, or connections, the things I wouldn’t do… Recently however, I discovered Adams’s Cardinal Radio and I have to say, I’m quite impressed. Many years ago, deep into Chook, Grue and I often talked about creating a radio channel for the Chook Industries company. Chewkies was a vague stab at this on our part. And the radio concept would frequently surface in our other recordings, like Tiger Beat Radio. I’ve not listened to the actual lyrical content of Adams’s late night speedball foolerly, but sonically at least, Cardinal Radio is a pretty accurate estimation of what I hoped Chook’s own radio station could be. In the end, I seriously doubt that Adams has decided to go all Ween on everyone’s ass, but if he does decide to suddenly have a Scott Walker reinvention/ evaluation of his career and release this stuff to the masses, I’d certainly cheer him on in his endeavors.

Click here to listen to Cardinal Radio.