Some more random fun stuff on this gem. Coup de Ville & Rattlesnake has a certain charm to it. I believe Circus of Perversion already showed up on another collection, but it is still brilliant (in my humble opinion). Mixmasta Blax Guitar Slam is a little too polished for the rest of the set, but it has it’s moments as well.

  1. Joe and Mike Rebirth + Riff
  2. Chris Drum Solo
  3. Tiger Beat
  4. Beep Track
  5. Cocamo w/o Vocals
  6. 61 Parts Pre-Demo
  7. 61 Parts Demo
  8. Coup de Ville & Rattlesnake
  9. Circus of Perversion
  10. Mixmasta Blax Guitar Slam
  11. Puddies Demo
  12. Tiger International Demo
  13. Jacob Dylan – Highway 666
  14. Puddies Banjo
  15. Hemp Devil w/ Woody

4 thoughts on “4/8/99

  1. Since no one has yet commented on these, I’ll offer up one. I find it amazing that we have “demo” versions of some of these songs. In fact, there is a “pre demo,” though I don’t think that song ever had a none demo version.

    It’s a bit sad to think that some of the crap on these CD’s actually had enough thought put into it that there was more than one version recorded.

    Also to warn you guys. The next couple CD’s worth of stuff is also pretty old, but soon we will be moving into a bit more recent, polished, better stuff. Relatively speaking.

  2. I was actually kinda of surprised there was a demo of the Puddies tune (not the Puddies sketch). I didn’t even remeber that. I think at the time, because of the limitations of gear, the demos often came out as good as non-demos.

    Anyway – I think if Tim and I are unable to get the feature off the ground, and I’m still a secretary in the NJ-wastelands, and Tim is living in the area, we’ll devote some more time to doing some new quality tunes. I really miss recording stuff.

  3. Has anyone been able to find and listen to hidden track “16”? Its labelled “Sisao Sevil” and its probably the best songs they have posted yet!

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