I picked up a copy of Tom Morello’s new project, The Nightwatchman – One Man Revolution. For those who don’t know, Tom Morello is/was the guitarist in Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave. Anyway, the album is basically just Tom on acoustic guitar singing activist-type songs. It’s ok; it has its moments. The album has gotten a lot of comparisons to Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska album, which is really the point of this post.

While always one of my favorite Bruce albums, I decided to listen to it a couple of times recently, spurred on by the Morello album. And I’ve got to say, I think everyone should own a copy of Nebraska. One of the best albums of all time. We’re coming up on its 25th anniversary in September, so pick up a copy at Amazon for $11 or snag a copy at a used record store.

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