9 thoughts on “Vent

  1. Yeah, I feel more than a little nauseous after watching that.

    Was the guy watching Star Trek? That looked like the old NCC 1701 orbiting a planet.

  2. SisDragon – Yes, he is watching Star Trek. I’m not that familiar with Star Trek though to tell you what ship it is. I can tell you that he was watching Enterprise, because that was on when I shot the film last night.

    Bear – I thought you’d like it. Maybe we could double bill Experimental Chef with a helping of The Experimental Video Power Half-an-Hour when we start programming for our UHF TV station.

  3. Whew! That’s a load off my mind.

    When I read the word “vent” I thought you were going to let off some steam about how certain people weren’t pulling their weight around here anymore and generally rake those certain people over the coals about how they better submit their thesis on “cuartos de cartographia” pretty darn quick or else get the boot.

    By contrast this movie came as quite a relief; although I suspect my body will probably be wracked by a subtle shiver of supernatural dread every time I pass an external air-conditioning unit from now on. But small price to pay for being spared the wrath of others, eh?

  4. Dragon – I’m glad it was a relief.

    To be honest, I’m uncertain how enjoyable it is too watch, but if it is any consolation it was fun to make. It takes me back to the mad-days of Gary and open screenings.

    Anyway – if you are keen, I’ll be accepting experimental screenplays for the next one if you want to send me something short. I should warn, I can’t say what the results will be – but I will guarantee I will work extremely fast and totally sloppily.

    DJ Webb – you can submit a short experimental script too. And then we can both be druggies. You will be Nose Bleed and I’ll be Needle Trax.

  5. The film: Well, whether it’s a fun popcorn flick or not at least it was mercifully short. Also, the tiny crescendos in the music seemed to fit well with the rhythem of the repetitive zooming.

    The Protozoic Screenplay Challenge:

    Hmm… I’ll seriously consider it.

    I was running an possible idea by She Dragon just yesterday for a short story or maybe even screen play. She seemed to think it was pretty ridiculous, so I assumed it would be perfect fodder for Protozoic.

    Only issue is I’m not sure if any of us have got the necessary resources to make it happen the anywhere near the way I envision. Plus, when it comes to writing screen play type stuff I’m always wont to include too many suggestions about blocking, camera angle, etc. , so we’ll see how it goes.

    Is there anywhere you can recommend on the web that has a short synopsis of how you’d like the screenplay formatted? I don’t really have any software that does that sort of thing automatically (unless there’s a MS Word template or something).

  6. Use Celtx. You should be able to install it on PC or MAC (I’m not sure which you use). It will format everything for you and also enable you to output your screenplay as a PDF and send it to me.

    It is pretty easy to use. If you are really, really interested in mechanics – I can suggest you a good book on screenplay format, but that probably isn’t necessary for this.

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