5 thoughts on “Rad

  1. The split screen action shots during the “rad transformation” and accompanying music were radical.

  2. It was pretty, uh, rad. The transformation and the “hand gestures” interview especially.

    Overall I thought it formed a coherant whole. Though that final and prolonged shot of the balls with “Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr…ad!” which sounded like a fire or air raid siren was kind of incongruous and I thought detracted a bit from the rest.

    Did you use some special kind of lighting or filter for the “rad” scenes? I wouldn’t’ve thought anything odd about them except until I noticed that horned mask on the wall seemed green.

  3. The “rad” footage at the end of the movie was done by color correcting things incorrectly. I’m not entirely sure what I did to achieve the effect. It was more of a case of just sliding various levels till I found something that was fairly florescent and obnoxious.

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