Proto-Con 2.0

It is a way off, but it is time to officially announce Proto-Con 2.0. Though the exact date and location of Proto-Con 2.0 has yet to be determined, it will most likely occur in October and be held in Maryland. So what do you need to do right now? Start making suggestions for events to occur at this year’s Proto-Con 2.0.

It also looks like we have some competition.

10 thoughts on “Proto-Con 2.0

  1. I would suggest November. I have the same conference to go to in October that I had to go to last year. It would certainly be a lot more fun for me…

  2. Sure November is good. I just picked Oct. because that was when it was last year.

    I like the idea of a’ wandering in the wood. I think it has to have a theme though – like WWIII.

    An idea I thought of was building a backyard volcano.

  3. Don’t forget though this year’s Crit’ Fowl has to be built of wood. Maybe I can draw up some plans by then.

    I might even talk Adrienne into attending.

  4. If you could make it any weekend except the 19th, I may be able to come and make everyone french toast again.

    I LOVE the idea of a volcano in the back yard! Would it be like a middle-school science project with baking soda and vinegar, only on a larger scale? Or would it be a little bit more involved, with a more gelatin-like substance used for the magma?

  5. I’m totally up for attending this year guys. And I’m sure I can drag my friend Steve along. He was the Rainbow Demon guy or whatever. A better planned out forest-walk would be great too. Better than what Brian, Buff and I did. Maybe some form of search for each other in a large open area, some kind of hunt type thing.

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