Spittin’ rhymes


These lines they flow, the undead they know That no one gonna let them bitches live, specially cool Joe Cause now it’s time to show, how to kill’em hos! Don’t do it slow, jus one final blow Take the blade from the mow, just like sling blade bro Droppin’ heads to the flo, just like that, there ya go Some of em are funny, like curly, larry, and moe Other are scary and chase yo ass like Cujo!

I get all the undead And chop chop chop dem bitches’ head Not here for lame ass bloodsuckas Just rhymin’ bout zombies, muthafuckas

Do not run away, pull da trigga on ya uzi and spray spray spray No time to delay, pull da hamma on ya saw’d off and spray spray spray Don’t smell the decay, bust some caps in dem fuckas everyday day day

Some bitches tryin’ to get they rap game restarted But they rhymes be crazy fuckin’ we todd did Me I’m just rappin’ for the not so dearly departed Got mad rhymes, now all I need is to get recorded I get the zombie, and like Elian they get deported

That’s right I’m a Zombie Killa! Not those fools in MJ’s Thrilla Them bitches hard to find, only one in a milla In this game the sword be mightier than a quilla I just keep on cuttin’ till I get my filla And I’ll jus keep on rappin’ til I a platinum sella

(Rough form rap, could definetly use some work and more words, but just add a “yeah, uh-huh yeah” intro and you’re set)

4 thoughts on “Spittin’ rhymes

  1. I’d wager Man’s Best Friend could take ’em both on. The only dog I’d seen with steel jaws and highly acidic piss.

    Actually “Acid Piss Cracker” would be a good white rapper name too, plus “APC” is a cool sounding abbreviation.

    Inspired rhymes by the way.

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