6 thoughts on “Thom the Producer 2

  1. I like it! But do you really want to number each comic? After all, it wasn’t “Calvin and Hobbes 274” one Sunday…

  2. I like the comics… As silly as it seems, if you want to know, I can tell you what producers actually do…. it’s pretty much my job.

    The difference is that with agency work people pay you up front – while producers fund a project with a stake in the final product. The middle part is the same.

    It all sounds like a thing you can DIY, but believe me, that shit’s rare.

  3. Cool man. I’m glad you like it. I think you’ll really like comic 3, which I drew yesterday. I was waiting to post it until today though.

  4. My Name is Thom M. Wixer and I am a producer from Germany. Please stop this shit. I like your Comics and all but they´re Scheisse for my business. Also hört auf mit dem Mist, oder ich muß euch bestrafen…

  5. Mr. Wixer,

    I would be delighted to stop if someone would pay me to stop. Because no one pays me, including my producer (although I drink his beer and swim in his pool), I cannot stop.

    If this is the Wixer I think it is, take a gander at this.

    Let me know if you are ever in America and we can talk about bribing me to stop with the comics.

    Nice to hear from you.

    A Capitolistic Bastard (mispelled just like it is on the painting), Mike

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