6 thoughts on “Post-Production Edit Update

  1. You know… it is funny you mention that movie. We’ve already been counting down the days till it comes out. Evidently they’ve shot some new footage for it because it has become a sort of cult phenomenon. One of the newly shot scenes is to have Sam Jackson saying, “There’s snakes on this Mother F*&^ing plane!!!”

    And I’m still waiting for Event Horizon II.

  2. I think She was getting at the fact that you could potentially get music you composed into the movie.

    As for Event Horizon II…

    I feel like the first movie should really have had a subtitle (as the original Star Wars had the “A New Hope” subtitle that no one remembers): Event Horizon I: Black Hole to Hell

    So the second movie would naturally be: Event Horizon II: Ergosphere of Evil

    Subsequent movies could either work their way in (Photon-sphere of Fear or out (Sinister Singularity).

  3. Oh my god. I didn’t even really look at it. I just saw the Snakes on Plane add. I AM SUBMITTING A SONG.

    I like Sinister Singularity

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