The Green Machine – Production Completed

Production on “The Green Machine” has come to a close and we have officially begun post-production. Post-production on “The Green Machine” will last until or around April 22nd, at which time we should have a final cut of the film. At that particular juncture, we will then seek out someone to score the film and tentatively have the whole thing in the can by May or June.

Overall, production on the “The Green Machine” was successful. Going into it we had three major goals:

  1. To shoot a more technically advanced project

  2. To cast and work with trained actors

  3. To work full shooting days (i.e. 12 pages a day – the script was actually 25, so we did a 12-page day and a 13-page day).

Not only did we accomplish all three goals, but as Tim indicated, we did so 21 minutes ahead of schedule.

There were some minor mishaps along the way, such as the fire alarm we set off with a fogger and a near brush with the Chestertown Fire Department, but otherwise everyone walked away from the weekend relatively unscathed. Even temper wise, there weren’t any major fights. Tim and I (rather amazingly) only came close once to really going “gallaghers” on each other. The greatest cause for worry the whole weekend was a certain “seasoned beef” smell in the cottage, which we later learned was human waste in one of the trash cans.

There is still a lot to be done on “The Green Machine” and a whole lot more to be reckoned with. But the worst is over. I can’t even begin to communicate how much I’ve learned working on the project, nor can I communicate how fun it has been. It has truly been one of the greatest experiences in my life so far.

2 thoughts on “The Green Machine – Production Completed

  1. So you’d rate the experince up there with the birth of your son? Impressive. By the way, how is the little guy?

    Honestly, I can’t wait to do the next one. It was like a runners high or something, … I need more! Though I know, I need to be careful on what I wish for. 🙂

  2. Hey, don’t forget about the cast/crew party. I saw Megan gets invited too, as long as she makes more snacks for us.

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