Love Widgets

Protozoius! Theology Girl, at [](http://, has just put up the first installment in her new podcast, Love Widgets. Host Adrienne Kisner guides her listeners through a wide range of off-beat topics, ranging from geek love to RPGs. It’s savvy and whip smart, and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll tune in now. Here’s looking forward to episode number two!

Click here to visit Theology Girl.

Click here to listen to Love Widgets.

3 thoughts on “Love Widgets

  1. Nice Pod Cast, a bit enlightening. Though being a hybrid (half geek – half regular guy) I can relate to Pete. I am often forced into walking both sides of the fence each day. Its a real struggle. I would say that having a few “live” listener call-ins would be a great addtion to the next pod cast.

  2. I just listened and I have to say it was interesting. As Thom noted, the balance between geekdom and normalcy is a tricky tightrope. I appreciate any attempts to analyze that, especially when it comes from the outside.

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