Rehearsals, Green Machines and Howard

This weekend we held our rehearsal for Ameviathan: The Green Machine in Chestertown, MD. The rehearsals went extremely well. Our cast is excellent and I can’t wait to shoot.

We also built the Green Machine according to the blueprints Dragon posted, here, on Protozoic. However, you’ll have to wait until to the movie to see it.

Finally, we scouted Camp Fairlee Manor’s facilities for the buildings we’ll be using for the shoot. Camp Fairlee is more than going to provide ample space, room and structures for the shoot.

Over the next two weeks, we’ll continue script breakdown, blocking off dialogue and deciding when and where to shoot what. The biggest hurdles to overcome in this next stage will be day and night scenes and mother nature.

In the meantime, here’s a goodie to tide you over. The music is courtesy of our producer, DJ Webb.

Click here to watch a treat in Quicktime 7

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