Love is a refrigerator door

Love is a refrigerator door
left wide open
wasting precious cool
in electric emotion.

Love is a refrigerator door
growing old and grey
humming predictable minutes
day by mundane day.

Love is a refrigerator door
filled with magnet men
held up by notes
you wrote her
in the black pen.

2 thoughts on “Love is a refrigerator door

  1. Amature lit crit:

    Cool is only useful if you have food in the fridge. I’d argue that leaving the door open is just emphatuation, desire, or fascination: a waste. Love is partly a concious decision backed up by action, like when you decide to shut the thing so it does what it’s supposed to do.

    And if there’s no food in the fridge maybe you should shut it down to save power.

    Ironically, although everything grows old and grey (or “gray” as we on this side of the pond are want to chortle) due to the increasingly entropic the nature of the universe, as part of a thermal gradient maintaining aparatus the fridge door is actually helping temporarily reduce the entropy in one small area.

    And further… How predictable are those humming minutes? Our fridge seems to kick on and off at odd moments.

    As for the last stanza:

    This is probably accurate, although if She Dragon’s any indication it would probably be better to write the notes in sparkley pen rather than black.

    Don’t forget though that the other side of the fridge door can often be used to house tasty food flavorings like ketchup, mustard, butter, soy sauce, and dill relish. Mmmm… dill relish.

  2. Dude. Love is cleaning the refridgerator. Without being asked. If that is why the door is open, then true is your devotion.

    mmmm sparkly pen . . .

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