I am proud to announce that we will be holding the first ever annual Protozoic Convention, Proto-Con, from Friday October 21st to Sunday the 23rd. Though the kinks in the event itinerary still have to be ironed out, I can say that there will be panel discussions, guest speakers, socials, cosplay and a session of TSR’s Star Frontiers (with modified rules). There is even a rumor that all attendees will get “gift bags” full of freebies.

If you are casual reader of the Protozoic website and are not on one of our many mailing lists, feel free to mail me or anyone here for more information about attending.

In the meantime, everybody else be sure to stay tuned for more information on the big weekend.

8 thoughts on “Proto-Con

  1. Other potential events:

    * Key note address
    * Attendees can present papers if they have them
    * The Tea and Juice Mixer (+one variety of strange alcoholic beverage TBD)
    * Cardboard animatronic workshop
    * Catered lunch (only available to those who pay the $5 cover charge, all other events open for free)
    * Obscure but cool movie
    * Extemporaneous plot and character creation collaborative brainstorm project
    * Sculpt your own hideous beasty
    * Geek nostalgia of their youths – a round table discussion
    * Pastry cooking event
    * Dealer tables – come trade… stuff.
    * Snipe hunt (sniping bags will be provided but bring your own stick)
    * The Nightwalkers – a bunch of fools walk home along a country road in the dark enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells of the night and almost getting themselves killed as they fall into ditches, get hit by cars, and such.
    * Excelsior – Where is Protozoic going from here? Come to Protocon and see what the future holds for CoT, Amviathan, and other projects.

    Although we may have to narrow down this list a bit.

  2. I’ll see if I can book Bruce Campbell as a guest speaker. If not him, then maybe Tim Curry, or the chick from Tron.

  3. If it involves food, I am there!

    I’d be happy to discuss how role playing games have effected people with disabilities in the 20th century.

  4. Cool! I would actually be really interested to hear about that topic, what with my voracious appetite for all things RPG related.

    Now if we can get dick or somebody to present on the comparative techniques and focuses of various martial arts type things and maybe their portrayal in different media (say for example Gymkata, The Matrix, Jui kuen, and Equilibrium).

    The canned biscuits idea appeals to me too, if only for the reason that I’ve been trying to come up with interesting things to do with that since the Monkey Bread incident.

  5. That’s the whole reason why I thought of it. Have you seen the new Pillsbury commercials with the Pillsbury doughboy dancing to the tune of “You’ve Got Possibilities”? They showed 3 new ways to use those biscuits!

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