Hubbard’s Great Space Opera

Yet another digression from the magine/PJ issue, but something I feel you guys would probably appreciate:

Someone on the Unknown Armies RPG e-mail list mentioned this Space Opera in Scientology thing and I fond it particularly fascinating.

I mean, I knew about Xemu and the whole blowing up bodies around volcanos thing, but it’s so much more than that. The Scientology history of the universe is like some sort of surreal and epic myth with crazy new stuff happening all the time. I couldn’t tear my eyes away (probably some form of past life alien implants causing that reaction).

It seems to have a little something from every area of modern human culture from articles of daily life to various religious. And do you taste a hint of gnosticism in there?

Alot of Hubbard’s stuff in this history is just sort of random or absurd, but there are a few touches here and there are really pretty cool. I especially like the fact that members of Sea Org sign a contract to work for a billion years. And you just can’t beat the Sea Org slogan:

“We Come Back.”

It just reeks of purpose, dedication and inevitability.

One thought on “Hubbard’s Great Space Opera

  1. I know what you mean Pete. It’s is too weird almost to be true (that Hubbard and others actually *believe* this stuff). And the more you read about it – the crazier it gets. I didn’t know any of the stuff that you even wrote. I always feel like I’m just on the tip of the iceberg in what I even know about Scientology and Hubbard’s design of madness. Personally though, I’d like to hear some of those lectures. But I’m certain that they are pretty hard to get.

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