Update: Laborious Labored Days

There isn’t a lot of progress to speak of currently. I’ve taken a job teaching a night class on American Literature and this has really put a crunch on time and energy. Although it is material I am interested in, I’m not entirely happy about the fact that it is a time and mind drain. I am hoping that the amount of time, energy and frustration I devote to it wains in the coming weeks. Then I can devote time, energy and frustration to screenplays.

Treatments and screenplays: Last week I got quagmired in one of the treatments. I think I’ve managed to pull myself out of the quagmire now though. I’m not sure how many more treatments I will write before I jump off here at some point into an actual screenplay. We’ll see.

Ameviathan has come to a temporary standstill. I think that of the two screenplays, the Green Machine is the more obvious choice to shoot. Now it is just a matter of scouting locations, figuring out what props are needed, seeking out the actors and putting together some sort of hodgepodge crew.

Non-profit and profit research has also come to a standstill. It is a daunting amount reading to do by myself. I’ll get to it, somehow.

So there you have it. Frustration. Part of the process perhaps or perhaps illuminating in terms of decisions that I’ll soon have to make.

Don’t look back.

3 thoughts on “Update: Laborious Labored Days

  1. Yeah. I know. It is just frustrating.

    I was thinking, if it is okay with you – I wanted to send you the two Ameviathan screenplays to get some feedback on them.

    So what about this trip to Sleepy Hallow? There is also a planned trip to Ren-Fest. Think you’d be interested?

  2. Absolutely: Send those screenplays my way!

    I’ve long wanted to see them. The only reason I didn’t ask to when I was at your house was I didn’t want to seem too all up ons.

    As for SH: it might be neat to go there, but that’s just forshadowing. Stay tuned in the next few weeks, there are a couple more posts on their way. Successful or not I’m trying to build this thing Eva style.

    I’d not be able to go to SH soon anyway. In about three weeks my brother’s getting married in Michigan so trying to save up and prepare for that. But there’s a couple little projects I hope to cram in before then if possible as well.

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