Yum Gum

So yesterday I used some Cool Mint Listerine mouth wash. I then ate a piece of Wrigley’s Winterfresh gum immediately afterwards. It was the most unsatisfying piece of gum I’ve ever eaten. All of the flavor of the gum was completely masked by the lingering after effects of the Listerine. By the time the Listerine wore off, the gum had lost all flavor and sugar. Yum.

3 thoughts on “Yum Gum

  1. That sucks dude. I like that Listerine though. I don’t like the Orange Listerine however (Thom I tried it at your house and I back washed into the bottle – sorry man). They have gum here in the library that is at least a solid year old. The humidity caused it all to melt in the packages (it is bubble gum flavored [Orbit](http://www.wrigley.com/wrigley/products/products_orbit.asp) I believe). So the wrappers looked all stained and disgusting. I’m the only person who eats it. People just scowl when it is mentioned. They must think I’m depraved. Well, I know my g/f does. On the upside though the library tends to smell like bubble gum whenever I’m around. And I have to eat a lot of it – because it gets hard real quick. It is sort of like chomping on a tire.

  2. Yes, your g/f does think you’re a bit odd for eating that nasty gum, which, by the way, loses its flavor in about 3 seconds. If you want gum that badly, just tell me, and I’ll buy you some real gum!

    Cool Mint Listerine is the way to go. My grandparents used to get the original “unflavored” Listerine, which tasted like bleach diluted with hydrogen peroxide. I only used it once, when I was very young. Every time my grandparents used it, the scent of disinfectant would follow them around for hours.

  3. Loki’s got a thing for inhospitible confections though. Just ask him to articulate his feelings regarding Circus Peanuts.

    I always confused the word Listerine with Lysol, so in my mind the original Listerine tastes like unscented Lysol.

    In my experience though any mouth cleaning product pretty much makes food (especially sweets) consumed within the next hour or so taste wretched no matter how compatible you’d think the flavors should be.

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