Last weekend, Tim (Bear), Brian (Dick) and myself went up to DJ Webb’s (Thom’s) house for a party. What a party it was! Of the many people I’ve known, none is a better party host than DJ Webb. His guests’ whims are catered to in every respect imaginable, from choice of beers, to food (which was in this case the Maryland favorite – crabs), to cigars. What’s more, DJ Webb’s house comes equipped with the perfect party-pad layout. On his sun porch, sits an original Contra Arcade game. In the den, there’s an HDTV hooked up to satellite. And who could forget THE POOL.

Driving up, Bear explained to me how when practicing with one of the bands he’d played with in high school, he and his band-mates had access to a pool one evening. It was in this pool that he said he and the band made a whirlpool. I’d never heard of anybody making a whirlpool in a swimming pool. I asked Bear to explain. He proceeded to tell me that all you needed were a couple of idiots who would run around the pool in a circle for a while, and presto, you had a whirlpool.


When we arrived, along with Dick and Robert, we made a whirlpool. It actually worked and it was awesome. I lay on my back and was sucked round and round staring in inebriated disbelief at glowing tiki-torches and that moronic owl.1

I can’t wait until next year’s party.

1 The owl, made of plastic, sits on the fence surrounding the pool. Thom “claims” to have found the owl in one of the bushes in his yard.

7 thoughts on “Whirlpool

  1. If you could form a whirlpool I’m guessing the pool wasn’t too deep so I’m probably being overly concerned in telling you this, but the lifeguard of days gone by in me just has to say it:

    Don’t drink and swim kids! Alcohol disorients your senses. As many a safety video will tell you: plenty of people have jumped in the water after tossing back a few cold ones only to find they couldn’t tell which way was up and swum around desperately underwater until they drowned.

    Glowing tiki-torches are fine though. I always thought tiki heads were pretty cool too. Actually the whole tiki culture phenomena wandered up a narrow street belonging to me some time ago and hasn’t left.

    Of course if you can’t get a tiki head I guess a plastic owl is the next best thing. Maybe even better if it’s got sentimental value.

  2. oh, i know… it just sounds like a lot more fun than the weekend i had. the only whirlpool i had was in the toilet i scrubbed saturday night.

  3. I’d like to know if time got this from my house. I remember somebody in one of the bands I was in being really excited about the whirl pool. I’m not claiming originality but I’ve never known anyone to have already heard about the whirl pool before visiting the cox family pool. I hope he did get it somewhere else because that would mean that others are passionate about the whirl pool. I’d also like to know that perhaps I had something to do with the spreading of this aquatic technology. It would warm my heart to know that others have benefit from my siblings being forced to swim in circles while I floted gently on the currents of their labor.

  4. LOL – That’s great. I’m sure that is where he got the idea. And I must say, what a brilliant idea it is.

  5. Hmm, I’m not sure where it came from. I seem to remember doing it at somebody’s house in Delmar when I was playing with Chris and Frank (from Germany). I really don’t remember. It could have very well come from the Cox family pool.

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