The Sewer Mage’s Scenario

Scenario's Ooze

are electrical
for the
sewer mage,
down deep 
the grey 
and cleaning

These futures
are forgotten,
in dim swim,
by the brick,
drips forever

Till ooze
to question,
turning all it
touches to the
grey scenarios
he seeks.

This poem was inspired by Dragon’s idea of the Sewer Mage.

Click here to see an earlier version of the Sewer Mage

4 thoughts on “The Sewer Mage’s Scenario

  1. Hee hee. Pretty nice, I guess he does seek “grey scenarios”.

    Although the skull cap sort of looks a little bright compared to the other colors used, sort of like an afterthought.

    My only othe concern is, “Why does everyone insist on putting magicians in gowns?”

    I think there needs to be a new fashion trend: Cargo pants for magi!

    Or blue-collar magi at least.

  2. Ahh – I didn’t even catch that the cap was the wrong color there. I fixed that just now. You know it is odd you mention the robe. At first I gave him a wizard hat and thought, “All wizards have wizard caps… I’ll go for the Skull Cap, Ming the Merciless look”. Oddly though, the same never occurred to me about the robe.

    I’ll give him a working over in a day or two – and modernize him a bit; like Cecily. I think your suggestion of cargo pants would suit him well. I’ll also strive to make him a bit grimier.

    Also I don’t know if it is clear (and not that it matters really), but this is the a grey scenario I had in mind.


  3. Cool.

    I thought you were alluding to some plague of mundanity, but I grok the goo also.

    Interesting if it were a bit of both: a combination of technological and metaphysical/existential crisis. You know something like Evangellion, but with less of the “titanic champions slugging it out” thing.

    Better have some Blue Goo on hand just in case.

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