Glamourarra Glitterarra

Glamourarra Glitterarra

Glamourarra Glitterarra
came to disco go-go
down from NY 
all the way to San Diego.

She said she was on
in flash of lash
and boot a' move,
which caught the glint
of golfin' CEO's
dribbling lobster
on their 
money fat suits.

Those CEOs purred
"Glamourarra Glitterarra
on TV 
would be some
rabbit hat trick..."
all the while
feeling their wallets
grow ghoul green thick. 

But what those CEOs
did not know,
was that 
Glamourarra Glitterarra
worked in TV also,
and was broadcasting
back feeds 
from Orion's Belt
to M83 -
with those
sloshing CEOs
as the fool-stars
of her very own
#1 pan-galactic show.

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  1. Glamourarra Glitterarra’s appearance is reminiscent of one of the Sprites from Rainbow Brite…

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