7 thoughts on “Squorty Tails, the Delmarva Fox Squirrel

  1. Squorty Tails looks like a Delmarvalous were-squirrel in the midst of a moonlit metamorphosis.

    Do squirrels actually have nipples and belly-buttons?

  2. They should definitely have belly buttons (they are placental mammals). It’s possible that their belly buttons become much reduced with age though and hidden beneath fur.

    As for the nipples: female squirrels certainly would have them. I think they probably have more than 2 of them for that matter.

    In the case of male squirrels It’s likely they have them as well, although again probably reduced in size and not functional.

  3. since i have sounding a bit uneducated in the previous post, let me rephrase the question to clarify what i really wanted to know: do the belly buttons and nipples of squirrels actually show through their fur?

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