The best song I have never heard of until today….

Dammit I think this song is so cool. ‘Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood – Summer Wine’

I heard this song on WPRB tonight and I can’t tell you how much I dig it.

Evan Dildo from the Lemonheads and some porn chick already covered it once. But I think it needs to be redone again.

A new cover of this song would be a big indie hit. Say Willie Nelson does the male vocals, and the chick from the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s does the female part. It’d be fucking huge.

I’d provide a link to the MP3 if I could, but I can’t find a decent one. So go to your favorite P2P and get a copy of this song.

As a rule, I hate movies. But If I ever shot one, this would roll first over the closing credits.

1 thought on “The best song I have never heard of until today….

  1. IMO this song should’ve been called “Silver Spurs”. Like Roland of frickin’ Gilead mozying into that first town on the trail of the Man in Black. (Not Jonny Cash, Will Smith, or Tommy Lee Jones, the other Man in Black.)

    Good stuff.

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