Man vs. Machine

Man vs. Machine represents the first professional project that Tim and I were commissioned to make. Unfortunately, the piece never aired because the TV show it was intended for did not get off the ground.

Originally, the video was going to be broken into three segments and interspersed throughout the program. Accordingly, the first two parts had a “To be continued” after them. For the web version of the video, we’ve cut out the “To be continued” bits and linked the three segments together.

Special thanks goes to Joe on this one who was an integral component in the brainstorming process and was the one who suggested that we consider the premise of Man vs. Machine.

5 thoughts on “Man vs. Machine

  1. Work’s been relatively busy today but anything called “Man vs. Machine” has to be great. I hope to check it out when I get home.

    In the mean time: LOKI CHECK YOUR E-MAIL!

  2. Nice narration.

    It’s funny, I knew both voices were yours and the car’s win seemed like a foregone conclusion. But the fast paced narrative style and inquisitive “could it be?” wording kept it rivoting to the end.

    You guys are living the dream down there.

  3. Extremely funny and the opening animation really gave a professional feel to the video. How was the animation done? I mean who drew it?

  4. I drew the pictures with magic marker on poster board (rather ghetto-science-fair style). Tim then took digital photos of them and we pulled them into photoshop. There I colored them. That was essentially it.

    Glad you liked it 🙂

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