Squidicus Leviticus


Squidicus Leviticus
stayed up
too late 
looking at the clock
one eyed
when rather lurid
he decided
the clock
was a plate.

Then he slept,
and while he did,
all the roman 
numerals loosened
and trickled
Leviticus past,
I, III, V,
just about that fast.

Till from 
his slumber
he jarred
eyed wide
to stop his watch
in a tear cried, 
"This plate is Death,
for goodness sakes!"

2 thoughts on “Squidicus Leviticus

  1. The squid’s cool and all, but I’m nost impressed with the cool header of this page.

    In fact I liked it even when it was just the horizon without the dreadlocked alien. Had a certain pregnant ambiance to it.

    Next up: Octopus Genesus

  2. Thanks. We’ve been working really hard on the top of the page and gone through a slew of different ideas… The squid was actually a creature who didn’t make the cut for the top of the page. But I liked him, and figured I’d throw him up.

    As for Octopus Genesus, I’d say it is not only needed, but a definite must!

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