New Vice President (Write-In)


I am here to officially announce the running of Bobert A. Peed for Vice President of the US of A!!! Hot Damn! We here at have been working on this development for months! Though its late in the campaign season we are hopeful to get Bobert elected. Unlike Chaney, Bobert is in EXCELLENT health for a 57 year old American man. We will tell more about Bobert’s platform in later post but we will tell you that he is a strong advocate for employee lunches, legalized prostitution, pro-Medicare, and he lives by the saying “finders keepers – loser weepers!” He also is pro-choice, anti-gun control, pro-same sex marriage, pro-gun control, supports amending the constitution of the United States to make same-sex marriage unconstitutional, and is anti-gun control. Like I said, we will explain more of his views soon. We are also in the process of setting up a VP debate… stay tuned.

About Thom

I am looking for single, white, female dwarfs who don't mind smoking a cigar now and then. This is purely for research purposes.