Superman just before his death

The death of Superman is upon us on October 12, 2004. I write this as I am in my 37th hour of mourning. Many have asked how Superman died. While I don’t know the details – I do know the person responsible. George W. Bush. Yes, GWB played a role in the death of Superman. You see, Superman requires stem cells in order to maintain his existence on earth. I have seen Superman testify this fact to the United States Congress so I know this to be true. Unfortunately, President Bush failed to allow researchers to start new lines of stem cell research. Instead Superman and the scientific community have been forced to use only existing stem cells. This presents a horrific problem in that there are limited amount of existing stem cells and therefore limiting scientific exploration and Superman consumption is able to occur. Now Superman is dead.

What next? That is a good question. Personally I am thinking about moving to a more Super-Hero friendly country such as Canada. Stay tuned…

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I am looking for single, white, female dwarfs who don't mind smoking a cigar now and then. This is purely for research purposes.