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Being new to the scene, I’ve just recently started to play around with some of the tools of the trade. I’ve added a combination of Markdown1, SmartyPants2, and 3 plugins to my WordPress installation. I must say I’m really impressed.

SmartyPants is just plain cool. No thinking, just type and nice “edumacated” quotes come out the other end. And it works in BBEdit too. Nice.

I played around with Markdown about 2 weeks ago. It didn’t strike me as anything that great as a BBEdit plug, but now I am beginning to see its power. It really does make posting much easier. Another score.

Bö is very well done, but at first, I wasn’t sure if I would really use it that much. Now that I think about it though, I do use a lot of parenthetical remarks that would be much better if relegated to a footnote.

I’m really looking forward to using these tools more. Hopefully Bö will grow into a BBEdit plug just like Markdown and SmartyPants are.

1 PHP version of Markdown for WordPress is available here
2 PHP version of SmartyPants for WordPress is available here
3 PHP version of Bö is available here

2 thoughts on “WordPress Text Formatting

  1. Just wanted to say that after the upgrade to WP 1.5, I stopped using Bö. I think I am actually going to implement a little script in BBEdit to add Markdown compatible footnotes on posts that I am writing.

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