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I was thinking that it would be kind if could insert the footnote text into the title attribute of the footnote link in the body text. You could then just mouseover the link and read the footnote without leaving your place in the text. This idea could be taken one step further by adding a note like “Return to body text” in the title tag of the footnote link at the bottom of the page.

I took a look at the PHP code for the Bö plugin to see if I could modify it myself for the above mentioned behavior, but it appears to me that the plugin doesn’t slurp the actual footnote text until after it writes the footnote link in the main body. This makes it a little difficult to insert that variable into the link. Of course, hardcoding the “Return to main text” in the second link of each foot note should be straight forward. (I’ve actually decided to do exactly that – changes have been made.)

Try the two examples below to see what I mean.

  • Example 1[0]
  • Example 22

[0] This footnote is hand coded, with the footnote text in the title attribute of the link.
2 This footnote is made with Bö.

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  1. Just wanted to say that after the upgrade to WP 1.5, I stopped using Bö. I think I am actually going to implement a little script in BBEdit to add Markdown compatible footnotes on posts that I am writing.

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