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Wolf Tacos or Woof Tacos

Wolf vs woof

Al was getting on me for the way I pronounce the word wolf. Apparently I say it pretty similar to the way I pronounce woof. Somewhere deep inside my brain, I actually am trying to say the two words differently, and I think I actually do say wolf with a slight l sound that imperceptibly differentiates it from woof. But will grant her that it sounds pretty similar.

Joe brought up an interesting point. Wolves is not pronounced the same way. That word is more acceptable.

Wolf Tacos

Somewhere around the time this conversation was going on, Taco Bell started advertising their breakfast menu a lot, along with some other new items. Al and I discussed that maybe we should check them out.

Then one night, I had a dream. I was in Taco Bell with Al, and I ordered a wolf taco. They had them on the menu. The wolf meat looked like chunks of beef. Al made fun of the way I said wolf. With that, the owner walked in.1 I asked him how you say wolf, figuring he would know, since his establishment was serving wolf meat. He said it like I said it. So there. I’m right.

Wolf tacos.

  1. The owner of that Taco Bell or the owner of ALL THE TACO BELLS. I don’t know which.