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New site features

They aren’t much, but I thought I’d point them out.

First off, at the end of each post next to the categories and tags, you’ll see two little icons. The first is for Digg and the second is for Reddit. These are sites for sharing links. Someone reads something they like, they submit it to sites like Digg and Reddit and tell their friends about it. Their friends, if they like the link, click the “diggit” button to say the liked it, and it gets a point. Reddit has a similar ranking mechanism. The more points it gets, the more visible it is on the sites…

So, if you see an article you like, click the button. Submit it or give it your approval if its already submitted.

Secondly, I’ve added links to the feeds down on the bottom of the sidebar. There are feeds for the site in general, all the comments so you can stay on top of discussion, a ‘podcast’ feed of all the videos on the site, and the link to the same feed in iTunes, if you prefer your podcasts over there.

Next up, an iPhone skin has been implemented for iPhone users. If you don’t like the iPhone presentation and prefer the normal presentation, just scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “normal view.” If you want to get back to the iPhone view, look for the link at the bottom of the sidebar.

Lastly, the new WordPress supports Gravitars. Go to their site, sign up your email address (the same one you use in the comments form) and pick a picture. This little icon will then show up next to your comment here and any other site which is enabled to use them. If you don’t feel like it, that’s fine — you’ll get a little randomly generated icon instead.