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Lady Sovereign in X-ED

Breaking one of my tenants that I never post Youtube junk on Protozoic — *whatever*. I’m really intrigued by the following movie, *X-ED*, directed by Theirry Lawson. The film features Lady Sovereign, who is perhaps best known as the British female musician who signed to Def Jam (she is now off that label and on her own) and as the TRL sensation behind “Love Me Or Hate Me.” *X-ED* was made before Sovereign, credited as Louize Harman (actually Louise Amanda Harman), was a pop sensation. For a film not too far off the production values of a *Protozoic* straight to WEB-backyard-film, the piece is surprisingly coherent and even well acted. I can only assume Ms. Harman has no acting training so to speak, but she’s pretty much a natural.