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Monday, 11:33 am, in the Apple Store

I am looking at a table of three old ladies tapping away at iPads, while a heavyset woman breathes instructions into a lineman amplified over the speakers of a monitor that displays her own iPad’s screen. Between labored huffs, I catch something about time zones and geographic locations. Eyes peer over rims of glasses to clutched devices. There is some more wheezing into the microphone – why is it so goddamn close to her mouth? – no matter, Cupertino has just been name checked. A blue shirt whizzes by me, catches my scowl and spins. Earlier, I have made a mental note looking at another blue shirt wearing a woolen knit winter hat, that all employees must be encouraged to wear a piece of clothing that expresses a relaxed individuality, or faux-relaxed individuality, as I am sure Jobs in his jeans and turtleneck never put anyone in the room at ease. The blue shirt buzzing by my head now is a bookish, yet attractive female, sporting fashionable trousers.

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