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To close down Halloween 2020 and in a futile gesture to send off hell, last night we watched A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984). I have no idea what the poster is, why the cat is wearing a Hawaiian shirt, and catching or deboarding1 a trolly. Was Anne H. Ahrens, the set decorator of the film, predicting the Internet? Until the future arrives and we have the answer, see you in memes.

Cat Poster
A Cat Deboards

  1. Apparently “deboard” isn’t a word. 

Ensatina eschscholtzii eggs

This weekend while clearing some vines in the yard, we had to move a rock and found some eggs, which I believe belong to the ensatina eschscholtzii, a type of salamander found in the PNW. We put the rock back, so hopefully we didn’t disturb things. I haven’t seen a lot of amphibians or reptiles out here, a toad here and there, two garter snakes, and then a couple years ago some salamanders in up near Lake Sylvia. Pictures of the eggs are and other salamanders are below.

Ensatina eschscholtzii eggs
Ensatina eschscholtzii eggs

Salamanders at Lake Sylvia, WA

The video and photo at Lake Sylvia were taken circa June 2017.

Salamanders at Lake Sylvia, WA
Salamanders at Lake Sylvia, WA

A quick thought on RoboCop

I rewatched RoboCop (1987) with my wife not too long ago. Having grown up with the film and watched it countless times, it’s a film I admittedly have a hard time being objective about. After the fight with ED-209, my wife asked how much of the film was left, and was surprised we had a ways to go. Rightly, she pointed out that the plotting was uneven. This got me to thinking, the film is structured like a video game with 3 different “enemies” or “level bosses”. This isn’t to say the writers, producers, etc. had Castlevania and the ilk on their minds when penning the script, but a quick scan of the video games that came out in 1987 concurrent with the movie would suggest my own experience of it at the time would have not been unlike the games I was playing on Nintendo, Sega, and in the Arcade.

And for what it’s worth, Arrow Video’s reissue of the film is amazing.

RoboCop (1987)
RoboCop (1987) Arrow Video Steelbook

Utility Boxes

I spent about an hour over the weekend trying to figure out the correct terminology for what I now believe to be referred to as a “utility box”. Power box, phone box, or electric box — utility box does cover all those bases. As kids we called it the “green box”, and there was one at the end of the street I grew up on where we’d meet, sit, and hang out.

This is not a utility box you could hang out on, but it is in somewhat dense growth of foliage.

Utility Box in Bush