Chicken Stock

I’ve written elsewhere on this site that one of the most significant discoveries I made late in life was making chicken stock. A couple of years back, I experimented with making several different whole roast chicken recipes and learned to make stock while doing so.

Every time I roast a chicken now, I make stock. Typically, I use an onion with the skin on (or half an onion depending on how big the onion is), a carrot, a celery stalk, and some parsley.

Last night, when I prepared the stock, I found out I had no carrots, celery, or parsley. I decided to make the stock anyway. I put the chicken carcass in the crock pot, covered it with water, and put in a small onion (skin on), a radish, a bay leaf, four peppercorns, and half a teaspoon of celery seeds. I cooked it overnight on low and poured myself a cup this morning. I threw in a bit of salt and was blown away by how good it was for something so dead simple. Like other stocks, I’ll freeze the rest for other dishes, as the homemade broth always makes meals taste better.

I probably cook a chicken once a month, and there is no practical way not to buy store-bought stock for all the cooking that gets done, but it’s still a great way to use the entire bird and also get another tasty treat that can be used alone or for other meals.

9 thoughts on “Chicken Stock

  1. Speaking of celery, I just made tuna salad for the first time…ever. Never made it before. Typically, I don’t like to chop things fine…but you have to for tuna salad. So I chopped me some red onion and celery and put it in. Finely chopped. Parsley and dill too. Capers. Some lemon juice. It was VP worthy…

    …Let’s cut to the end: I put in too much mayo and I am sorry to the world. I f***ed it up at the finish line. I hate myself.

      1. I have considered it, but maybe in the daddy-only batch. Kids probably won’t go for it (although I am working on them with regard to capsaicin. They happily engage in hot pepper/sauce eating challenges in return for ice cream…but for a whole meal, not there yet.)

        And do you use pickeled or fresh jalapeño? I can see using both in the same batch and skipping any other pickles.

  2. We don’t roast chickens very much anymore, but the stock you get from just boiling the leftovers is surprisingly good.

  3. We don’t really do bird roasters except for certain holidays, but we’ll get the $5 grocery store rotisserie chickens pretty often. They’re a little smaller, so 2 carcasses make a good stock. We usually save them for when Buff’s parents come, because they enjoy the process.

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  5. Look, sleep on me, but don’t sleep on fungoid steve (not literally, for sure, or you’ll be an itchy one). He just wants a molecule or two. It’s homeopathic. How dare you sleep on that.

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