See you in memes…

To close down Halloween 2020 and in a futile gesture to send off hell, last night we watched A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984). I have no idea what the poster is, why the cat is wearing a Hawaiian shirt, and catching or deboarding1 a trolly. Was Anne H. Ahrens, the set decorator of the film, predicting the Internet? Until the future arrives and we have the answer, see you in memes.

Cat Poster
A Cat Deboards

  1. Apparently “deboard” isn’t a word. 

2 thoughts on “See you in memes…

  1. “See you in memes” was a pretty good pun, though. I own Nightmare, can’t watch it. Just can’t watch it. Not for a decade now. It’s terrible. Johnny Depp geyser though almost makes me go back…but no. It’s a bad movie.

    I first saw it at the age of 8. Slept well. Didn’t care. Was bored.

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