Doki Doki Game Club – Episode 01: Little Nemo – The Dream Master

Doki Doki!

Some friends and I have started a retro game “book club” of a podcast, called the Doki Doki Game Club. The four of us take turns picking a game, and we all play it over the course of two weeks. Once that’s done, we pull together notes on its history, our own remembrance (if any) that we had of the game when it was originally released, our current take on the themes, gameplay, fun-factor, and music, and how we feel about the game with current eyes. We’ll review games potentially as far back to when Commodore 64 was king, up until the 16-bit era, but, as the concept as to what is “retro” is always updating, I dare say PlayStation/Nintendo 64/Dreamcast titles aren’t completely off the table. What’s more, given my recent forays into 8-bit pixel art (click this and then hit refresh every 5 seconds), I’m tasked with creating promo art for each episode, the current episode’s art being the below:

Pretty fly for a colorblind guy
Pretty fly for a colorblind guy

Our inaugural episode targets Little Nemo – The Dream Master for the NES. This was a welcome revisit since I never got very far when I rented it as a kid, so this helped me finally get closure with a previous experience.

As far as podcasting goes, it surprised me how easy it is to produce something of quality now. All of the tools to do this and publish are now easy to find and use.

Here’s the Little Nemo episode.

It will come to no surprised to you all that I will eventually be subjecting my host-mates to a serious run of Zelda II. Before that, I will be expounding my Zelda II swordplay post from that dozen years ago into an instructional video, with actual good voice recording quality, now that I have a good beginner mic.