The Avengers’ Secret Message

It was pointed out to me the other day that I kept turning around the cereal box to showcase the Avengers’ secret message I had decoded. I was unconscious I’d been doing this; if anything I was just upset that I’d bungled entering “E’s” where the “N’s” should have gone.

The Avengers' Secret Message
The Avengers’ Secret Message

8 thoughts on “The Avengers’ Secret Message

  1. Kat Denning-6166 (extra six is intentional, its not the main continuity, but an irony-laced similar one) is also Marilyn Manson-6166, but female, as the performer is female in that sequence of Universes (does the issue of ‘canon’ even APPLY?!?!?!). Whether BrianWarner-6166/Kat-6166 was born female or \it{ under \bf{ WENT }} is still not revealed.

    Whatever, f- it….zombies. It wasn’t Ultimate or 616, so who the f- cares?! Amirite???

  2. But in all seriousness…with all the money at their disposal…why in the f- is the secret message on the back of the cereal box so lame? It could have easily been designed to be NO MORE DIFFICULT, and been a little bit less boring. It’s an act of either pure cynicism or pure idiocy. #marketingcrapfaces

  3. Oh maybe these comments will be left up [instead of murdered/deleted (same thing)] since they display an actual interest in the post…something to distract from the crickets.

  4. EARTH PRIME!!!! THATS THE COOL STUFF!!!! IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT, You get rid of me if I say anything EXCEPT my name…oh shoot, typing counts….BYYYYYEEEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!(see you in some arbitrary dumb number of days)

  5. WTF!!!!! Back in the day when Big Bad MF was CRUSHING the P at Central [REDACTED BY GOWDY] State University, I could guarantee some play by messing with little Marvel fanboys like timid little Tim Gray who wouldn’t know a football from a baby f00t, but now whenever Ferro-Man or Capt LIBTURDICA come up, girls care and threaten to call the f-ing cops when I STEP UP TO THE SCRAP!!! wtf? and if sports come up, sometimes people actually talk about SOCCER!!!!! WTF!!!! Libtards tuk over this country. #dudebrogenocide!!!!

  6. Big Bad MF aint nuthin. He better make like a tree…and GET outta here! (posted before midnight, STILL COUNTS!!!!!)

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