4 thoughts on “Brian & Tim

  1. AAAAWWWW DAWG!!! Pointing out the girl’s rainbow bracelet counts as a spoiler!!! Yeeeeeah! YOU KNOW WHAT I’m TALKIN ABOUT!!!! RIIIIGHT ON!!

  2. Rumor has it, that in the last 7 minutes, Riiiiiiiiidleeeeeeeeyyyyyyy Scott reveals how Rutger Hauer got two mouths (inner and outer).

  3. Grogan needs blades sticking out of his eyes like the mutha creekin gestapo puppet from that mutha creekin old movie ’bout dem mutha creekin’ livin puppets with that mutha–and I mean MUTHA–CREEKIN’ leech woman puppet that is absolutely useless as a weapon unless another puppet has incapacitated the victim–but I digress…weather changes or something and it sucks.

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