7 thoughts on “Retreading Past Glories

  1. I don’t know I don’t know…I’m gonna waste this screen name. I’ve got nothing. Wreck of the Edmund Fitzstanky’s not up to par. Shoot.

    Let’s try some free form streaming…..I don’t know I don’t know…should I open it? I never understood the hate but I guess some people are happy she’s gone early in Contagion it isn’t the first time she bit it in a movie and I don’t mean Shakespeare’s bitey target well what hey why not derail the budget of the most powerful empire ever because you resent paying blue states’ disaster relief…

    …Okay, no, there is no free form when politics keeps intruding.

    The six million dollar man sucked donkey balls, btw. I’d like to see an erudite argument to the contrary. To reply means you’ve lost.

    If you have to google ‘erudite’…just stop. It’s over. Give up.

  2. Don’t re-tread old tires! It will end up costing you more. Is your was not is really worth the added must founded risk? No. Buy new!

    We import from Korea (or is it..CARea HAAAAAAA!!!!) every other day we roll a heads on a coin toss flip. That happens enough that we’ll always have enough crispy new tires for you to rumble down the road on. Very few crumbles from them!

    We sword bee it!

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