5 thoughts on “Kettle Kittens

  1. OH YEEEEAAAAAAH!!! KLINKO JUNK TOUCHER SCHOOOOOOOOLED you mincey liberal jelly boys with some REAL frat humor!!! Just SHOWIN that kind of picture is funny to a frat BROTHER!! THAT’S THE EXTENT OF FRAT HUMOR AND THAT’S THE WAY THEY LIKE IT! DON’T MESS WITH IT!!!!

  2. Listen you little pasty, skinny not-men! This is Big Bad MF’s f-ing girlfriend. I’m hawt and when you see BBF you’ll see me being hawt and hanging on his arm in total hawtness and you wish you were him having something this hawt…but you don’t. You can’t possibly because you are not-hawt NERDS.

    You all never respond to Big Bad MF’s take downs of your nerdy little lives because you think ignoring it will make it go away well it won’t! You little people don’t DESERVE to ignore him! He’s a big bad ass piece of meaty man and you all are nothing compared to him! He’s awesome! Who are you?! You think just because this is the internet he isn’t real?!? If you had to face his awesome warrior’s heart in person you’d know how real and can’t-be-ignored he is. You’d most see the reality of his knuckles and the triceps that fire them off at his foes with explosive steely rippage! And I’m his woman because it that! BELIEVE IT!!

    And don’t you dare think I’m not real! THe only thing made up about me is my screen name which BIG BAD MF made up for me and that is some funny s***! It has to be, he’s where its AT! And if I wasn’t a real woman, how else could I be talking about how BADASS he is?!?! I real badass straight man cannot talk about manly meatiness!!! It isn’t possible! So if I were him, explain THAT!

    Little wanna be men, don’t even THINK you can get none of this! Lady Pooperz OUT!

  3. I yahooed some topics of interest to me and it brought me here. Is this where I can order some workout supplements or anything?

  4. I yahooed some things of interest to me and it brought me here. Is this a place to get some protein supplements or some good stuff?

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