5 thoughts on “GTFOOMF

  1. HOA Whenn dids DRKS start hangin out with lUMBERJACKS?!? Haaaaaa….HA. YEEEAH! No dork got as wasted as Big Bad MF did at home this Christmas. You woulda been the cousin that cried if I had crying cousins but they arent DORKS! WOOHOOO! WHO GOT THE CHRISTMAS DRINK ON!?

    Now….you all act like Big Bad MF doesn’t exist because I guess you fear truth or some suff…or are you got some kind of iron nerd minds i’m locked out of…sometimes I wonder whether I was part dork and could have done more than Personal Accounting to graduate and wonder if there aren’t some kind of powerz i miss out on why else wouldN’T you GET UPSITE and WHINE AT ME?!?!?! It makes me crazy?!?!?! Or does it!

    Gonna schleep now…sheep….crap I cant type….SLEEP now. Peace out! We coulda pal-ed, but I got me side of the fense…don’t graze here! haha….still thinking of sheeps.

  2. Who ever wrote the above comment needs some serious therapy. Whew….would NOT want to see inside that head.

  3. Also some classic 9-buckhaven-court action (9BCA from now on) going on here – mikey letting go in the moment…followed by timmy going “WTF, man?”…straight up “back-in-the-day”!

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