Now let us praise great M.U.L.E.s!

I try to avoid reposting every bit of random crap I find on the internet here. But given previous interest in the topic this seemed something folks herebouts might want to know about:

Mule Sketches Apparently a M.U.L.E. remake is under way. In addition to an online version it seems there may be even iPhone version as well.

More here.

Sorry in advance if this is old news.

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5 thoughts on “Now let us praise great M.U.L.E.s!

  1. Haha, thanks for the info. Wow, I joined the World of M.U.L.E. Facebook fan page too, but I didn’t hear about this. Awesome.

  2. Reminds me of PC370 – a cross compiler that allowed you to write code in IBM 360/370 assembler language and produced machine language (*.EXE files for the younger generation) that would run on an IBM PC.

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