There was a bear near my mother’s place in Sutton, WV. Thom and I were in the area shooting a documentary around the time the bear was still alive and snooping around.

Prior to the shooting of the bear, the neighbors were concerned that it might get Max, my mom’s dog, and have a little Max snax.

Here are some pictures.


This is the bear print. I think there are also some dog prints in the picture.

Bear Print

This is my mother’s foot next to the bear paw print.

My Mom's foot next to the bear print.

This is Max and I snoozing unaware of the bear danger.

Mike & Max Snax

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  1. Bear Update: The bear is still alive and well. It has been sited several times a week all around the neighborhood, sometimes as early as midnight and through the early morning hours. It regularly visits the dumpster at the elementary school (a half block from my house). Believe me, I proceed cautiously when I take Max out for his last pee of the evening.

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