It came from Chook…

I was going through the Chook page and I found Cliff Woodman’s bio.

My name is Cliff Woodman. My current occupation is as a web designer and technology coordinator for Chook Industries. I also do a lot of web design and graphic design on the side. I graduated from University of Maryland, College Park in 1991. I met up with Larry Snow in the mid 90’s, and he offered me a job with his new company. As I was bored of my job at the time, a computer programming job, I decided to take a chance. It turned out to be one of the best moves I had ever taken.

My interests include reading science fiction, especially old school science fiction. My favorite author is A.E. van Vogt. I also enjoy watching a good anime every now and again. Other hobbies of mine include playing guitar and drawing. I do enjoy a few computer games, mainly the old classics. My all-time favorite game is Wasteland.

I am currently unmarried and live with my dog, Herbert von Wilhelm.

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5 thoughts on “It came from Chook…

  1. Man, Cliff Woodman ruled. I hear he’s in Buffalo now doing Standup. Good for him….

    Speaking of Chook – anybody wanna set up a time to play Molly Dollars over NetMeeting? I just bought a new Pearl Jam CD so the next game should be awesome!

    By the way, Who the hell was this??

    Zoe Berkley, Product Promotions Chook Industries

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