brian and owl pellets


I find this strange. I know what owl pellets are, but if you are not familiar with the term, here’s a quick definition:

…the mass of undigested parts of a bird’s food that some bird species occasionally regurgitate. The contents of a bird’s pellet depend on its diet, but can include the exoskeletons of insects, indigestible plant matter, bones, fur, feathers, bills, claws, and teeth. In falconry, the pellet is called a casting.

Yummy. Anyway, owl pellets are often used in biology classes so students can get some hands on experience with this kind of thing. I guess it’s kind of fun to pick apart the bird version of a hair ball and find little mouse bones in there.

So, if there is a need for owl pellets, there must be a supplier. I understand this too. What I don’t understand is the marketing tactics of these suppliers. Discount Owl Pellets is one of these suppliers. If you navigate to their Products page, you’ll find such varieties as ‘standard owl pellets,’ ‘basic owl pellets,’ and even ‘jumbo owl pellets.’ You haven’t lost me yet Patty. You lose me on the ‘individual bargain bags’ and the ‘premium owl pellets.’

Anyway, thought you guys might enjoy this. Just be happy I didn’t order any grab bags for Christmas presents.

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