Your TOP 5 Message Boards/ Chat Forums

What are they, where are they located (give a link), what are they about and why?

List below.

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  1. – this is an open source turn-based strat game that i do some light development for. i usually answer questions on coding or get coding questions answered. – this is the remnants of a community built around a game no one plays anymore: quite a diverse group that has known each other for almost a decade. – the minibosses message board. more than just a fanbase for them, it’s also a base for many other video game artists. most notably, there is a monthly video game remix competition between the members, each month with a different theme: – forum for Haidong Gumdo

    past that, i don’t visit other ones regularly. every once in a while i’ll see what’s going on here: and has comments on lessons that i’ll sometimes read.

  2. Just a couple photography forums. Mainly APUG, which is a forum for traditional film photography. I participate in a postcard exchange there a couple times a year.

    The other couple forums are more gear related and I typically only go to them when I’m thinking of buying a new lens or something. They are good resources for both information and used gear, but unless you are looking for an item, they tend to go on too much about equipment.

  3. I usually hit I don’t really post on the forums. I prefer to browse the geeklists and post comments there. BGG has a lot of reviews of old manual (paper) hex-and-counter wargames (ahem, historical simulations) that were popular in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

    The hobby is experiencing a reneissance of sorts due to BGG and ebay which have broken the stranglehold of the old distributors and allowed grognards to buy and sell their old games directly to each other. There are companies that are still producing product (both new games and redesigns of classics like Panzergruppe Guderian and Russian Campaign) for the grognards and the newer gamers coming into the hobby.

    I visit but don’t post on the forums.

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