I watched Jabberwocky again this evening. It is still about as good as it was 16 years ago, which is not too good. The best part of the movie is its dirtiness and general squalor. One thing that struck me about it was the Evil Dead styled killing of Terry Jones at the start. Let me rephrase that. Raimi and company didn’t just take a page (or the whole damn Necronomicon) from Equinox, but maybe also some camera tricks from Jabberwocky.


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  1. What the hell is “Jabberwocky?”

    Also, how do I get rid of that dorky avatar? I signed up for gravatar but I find I have to “upload an avatar.” Where do I get an avatar? (whatever the hell that is)

    Give me a good old IBM 370 instruction like:

    MVZ B+2(1),B+1

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