5 thoughts on “I Can’t Wait to Hear Your Excuse

  1. Another masterpiece from protozoic! I found the overall Nietzschiean theme to be emblematic of today’s youth. The dialogue reinforces the Kierkegaardian nihlism that chokes our xenophobic sociey. The womans throwing of the soda can is her liberation from the patriarchy. Je ne se quoi!!!!

  2. The can had been trying for years to approach its secret love, the picnic table.

    Just as it got close enough to make its move, it was scooped up and assaulted by the rude man with the white shirt. What was this EYE markered onto its carefully market-tested surface? To be so close to one so dear, and be humiliated in this way was unimaginable!

    But then, the can was placed ON the BENCH. Finally, it could be with its love!

    For 50 short seconds, the can could feel the sweet caress of the gray wood beneath it. For 50 short seconds, it felt alive! The humiliation was incidental to the feeling of pure joy radiating from the can.

    But those 50 short seconds were all it would have. The man snatched it up again, allowing the woman to hurl it away.

    The can landed with its eye facing the picnic table again. Such sweetness should not be taken in large doses. It would content itself forever more with merely gazing upon the table’s ever-greying beauty.

  3. I love how the couple on the blanket in the background is totally making out while Diana is ripping Travis a new one.

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