The Boy in the Box

Tagline: The Boy in the Box is about a boy in a box.

Boy in the Box

Mike’s Comments: I can’t remember how exactly The Boy in the Box evolved. There wasn’t a script. I think Peter just put the box on and it sort of went from there. A lot of the reactions we got from people were natural and unplanned. As for the box itself, its from the karaoke Singing Machine and I believe (though I can be sure as it is all so long ago now) that the Singing Machine doubled in post-production as a poorman’s multi-track recorder allowing my lawyer, Paul, to do the soundtrack. Its a great soundtrack too, maybe one of my favorites.

When I edited it originally, I had some problems with the video decks, and there were mistakes (both in the visuals and sound). I’ve been able to correct a lot of these problems in FCP.

Peter’s Comments: For those worried about copyright infringement who had difficulty reading the FBI warning at the beginning of this video due to resolution issues, I’ve pieced together a transcript of the notice below to the best of my ability. Note though that both the statement it’s self and the transcript are protected under their own copyright stipulations so you’ll need to destroy any copies cached on your hard drive or elsewhere immediately after reading.

The program contained in this videocasette is protected under the copyright laws of the United States. This cassette is sold for private use only. Any copying will result in the story of the Jimmy Flouvor(?). It was a Thursday, like any other Thursday and Jimmy walked into the panty(?) shop. Jimmy Flouvor(?) was like any other chum(?), looking for some nice hoisery. He entered the shop and he let the glass door close behind him. The bell n the door chimbed as it came to a close. The shop keeper looked at Jimmy and asked, “Can I help you?” “Sure,” said Jimmy as he picked up a pair of panty hose. “Show me to your change room please, I wanna pull these on real quick.” The shop keeper gave Jimmy the hot(?) eye and said, “I’m sorry sir, but we don’t run that type of establishment here. I’m going to have to ask you to leave.” Jimmy smirked. “Stupid mother fucker,” Jimmy mumbled and pulled out his trusty shiv and plucked out the shop keeper’s left eye. “Ahhhh!!!” screamed the shop keeper. “Don’t be a baby,” said Jimmey and he walked out of the shop(?).

Moral: Don’t let bastards push you around if you want to buy some panties. But maybe you shouldn’t stab him in the eye either cause you could go to jail.